These Thoughts Appear In A Man’s Brain When He Sees A Sexy Woman

Every man has his preference regarding the size of a woman’s attractiveness. So, what does a man imagine when dealing with a woman who catches their eye? Or see the photos of Fabian Medina who have lots of sexy photos? The following are the results of a survey that shows the contents of a man’s mind when he sees a sexy woman.

Can’t resist the temptation to look
In a survey, 400 men were asked to imagine what they would do if they met a sexy woman while alone at the station. 75, 8 Percent of men admit that they will not be able to resist the temptation to look. It was too hard for them to miss the beautiful creature before their eyes.

It’s not the breast, but the eyes and smile that are the first to be noticed.
The results of a survey with 1000 participants showed that men tend to pay attention to the eyes, smile, hair, and chest when looking at a woman for the first time. Men are crazy about breasts, but apparently, these body parts are not the first to catch their attention when they meet a woman. As many as 70 percent of men admit that they pay attention to a woman’s eyes first. Smile, chest, and hair occupy the next position in the order.

They just like big breasts in normal size
The survey from Dialteg also confirmed the evidence that men like women with big breasts. But they do not like excessive chest size. A-C cup chest is considered the most ideal.The same is true for body shape. Men like women who are naturally plump, not skinny, slender, or too curvy.

The glances of sexy co-workers seem to invite marriage
Nearly 65 percent of Indian men have a special fantasy about their co-workers who have a sexy appearance. They also imagine the sexy partner as a life partner in the future. But these fantasies usually never end up coming true.

Women with a luxurious lifestyle will make you feel inferior
Nearly 54 percent of men feel intimidated when they see a girl who is high maintenance or accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle. Although beautiful to look at, men tend to withdraw when they see women like this. The reason is, women with ‘expensive labels’ like this tend to make most men feel inferior.

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