Choose The Best Finishing Seat For Your Bar Tools

Wooden Bar Stools – Wooden bar stools usually come in a few stains or lacquered colors. Look for chip and/or stain resistant finishes that are sealed to protect the wood and underlying surface. Look for metal footrest protectors, as any paint or varnished wood exposed to the wear and tear of people’s feet will degrade over time. Many manufacturers intentionally wear down their finishes to create a used or worn look. Metal Bar Stools – Metal bar stools often come in dozens of styles. Look for a baked, powder-coated finish. If your fabric has a repeating pattern that you wish to customize, more fabric may need to be provided to allow the factory to adjust the placement of a design from ottoman to ottoman look for more here

Detergents will damage the finish much less on a powder coated finish than on a painted finish. Fabrics – Both wooden and metal bar stools have a myriad of fabrics to choose from.Look for quality fabrics that complement your home decor, as well as a fabric that goes well with the finish and style of bar stool you have chosen. An “antique tapestry” is a beautiful fabric, but not in a modernized silver frame! Suede imitations are very durable and easy to clean. They mimic the look and feel of suede but are much easier to care for than cotton or other natural upholstery. Some manufacturers offer the option of using their own fabrics. referred to as “COM” or “Customer Proprietary Material”. If you choose to use your own fabric, make sure it is an upholstery fabric and check with your retailer how much material is required for each ottoman. Stools with a back generally require 2 yards per stool, while stools with no back or metal backs generally require 1 yard per stool.

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